Jeep Wrangler Dashboard

I have created and uploaded a Dashboard and would appreciate feedback or comments.

Name: Jeep Wrangler OffRoad
File Name : JeepWrangler24.rd
(Basic and Off Road Systems)
Includes Off Road Page
TPMS - Temp / PSI Animations
Coolant Warning Beeper
Updated Graphics

This is my first release of a dashboard so be gentle :slight_smile:


Im new to RealDash … I would like to see the Jeep Wrangler dashboard … Not sure where to download. Any help would be appreciated …

It seems to be shared with name ‘JeepWrangler OffRoad’ on My RealDash ( MRD subscription is required to access community dashboards.

Thank you! RealdashDev … I appreciate the quick feedback … Just found it.
However, I have a 1948 Pickup … would like to do a dash for it but want it to look retro or stock. How do you make up you own dash design to make it look like the original display. Been researching how to make the designs but they all look like just add ons but nothing to the effect of Speedo, with fuel, alt and temp all together in one spot.

I used to make those just by using photographs of the originals and authoring all graphics on Gimp, Krita, Illustrator etc.

OH Ok … excellent! … downloading GIMP now …
Would you have a video on YouTube or elsewhere on How to do that to make them work for us newbies?

No sorry. I personally am not a graphics artist or an expert on those tools. Anything more complicated like what you see in our premium dashboards is done by our graphics artists. They do not hang in the forums unfortunately.