Joying Android 10 autostart

Does anyone have a reliable solution for automatically starting RealDash when Android 10 boots on the Joying head unit?

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Hi, how do you connect to the car OBD WIFI or BT adapter?

Here you go!

Android application autostart

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Using USB-CAN adapter, so it’s always connected.

Thank you for the link!

OK I think the link will work just fine.

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We boot RealDash in Joying headunit by selecting RealDash as a Navigation software and selecting Joying to boot navigation automatically. Seems to work well in our case.


Right now I am testing with RealDash as navigation software and boot to navigation enabled. It does seem to be working OK so far… most of the time. A few times when I cycled the ignition signal, it loaded RealDash but hung frozen on the white screen right before the Napko logo normally appears. I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce this yet.

Try to disable the original navigation software at boot if possible, maybe some conflict…

For total fix autostart for all populal andoid audio need use extarnal launcher or ask really or not made app RealDash as home app .