Juggling Resolutions

I am using real dash on an Android head unit in my car, which has a resolution of 1024x600. Obviously sitting in the car hunched over the dash is not a good place to build displays, so I build them on my tablet, and then transfer them over. The problem is that the resolution of my tablet is 2388 x 1668 (so not even the same ratio). When I transfer the displays to my car, they are distorted. Is there a way to force the resolution of the background when I am editing it, regardless of what the resolution of my device is? I can only see options for fill/fit/stretch/panoramic.

There is an undocumented feature to disable automatic aspect scaling on gauges.

  • Edit your dashboard and select all gauges
  • Go to Look’n Feel->Special
  • At the bottom, there is a lonely edit box without title. Enter: [NOSCALE]
  • Exit edit mode and save. Now these gauges will not be scaled to match different aspect ratios when loading dash.

That helped a bunch. Thanks!

I will add this as an ‘official’ option to the next release.