K-LIN adaptör

I am thinking of monitoring data with a Usb-lin adapter for the ISO9141-2 protocol seeed can bus adapter+xml logic valid in LIN hatti?So will it be the same to write an xml file?

RealDash CAN and LIN XML files are in same format.

hi jani, I bought the USBLIN analyzer listed in the list of compatible adapters and connected it to line 7 via obd socket with gnd and vbat and I still can’t see the lin frames after the necessary progress with 115200 speed as written in the instruction.On which wires should the jumper be installed?Where am I doing wrong?can you help please?

Can you read the LIN frames with adapters own Windows software?

In fact, the problem is that exactly in that part I received from aliexpress, a package with programs and dll files was sent to the seller.I kept the dll files in the same folder and also threw them into the windows 10 system folder, but when the program tries to open it, it gives a dll error and there is no movement in the Rx-Tx workings on the adapter.The seller advised me to install CH341 driver for win10 and I will try it.Have you made an application with this LIN adapter?How should the program be installed on the PC?thanks

We have used this LIN adapter for some vehicle interior controls, like power seats, windows etc. It has been a while though, and if I remember right the Windows software was provided for us by the project commissioner, so I can’t help you there, sorry :frowning: