Hi Dev!

I have been around this a few years, I think I even purchased a few things from you a while back.

Please please please add k-line support. I have no idea how fast the data transfer is, but kwp2000 would allow RD to work with so many vehicles.

I have an 09 Hayabusa that I have removed 25kg from- the factory cluster is on the hit-list but I’d rather not have to use the big bulky analogue to CAN converter :frowning:.

Thanks :pray:

On the k-line, more than 10 read requests at the same time will be wildly slow.

The MeatPi small and Seedstudio CAN adapters are very compact and you should have no problems using them on your motorcycle. Also, the data rate (and basically everything else) is much better with CAN.

Thanks Dev!!

With either of those, what do you use as the second input to the adaptor? I understand k line is a single wire.

I don’t know if you can convert K-Line to CAN. I was just assuming that you have CAN available as you mentioned “not wanting to use CAN adapter”.

With K-Line and RealDash currently the only option is to use ELM327 compatible OBD2 adapter which has K-Line support. Then you will have to write your own OBD2 XML file for RealDash.

Thanks Dev, very much appreciated. I confused things by not using the right terminology.