keystrokes repeating on win 10

Steps to reproduce problem:

  • Configure windows realdash to talk to a host for data multicast (android host in my case)
  • Try and do something that accepts keyboard input (even hitting escape)
    One keystroke will repeat until realdash is force-closed.

Seems to work fine when not actually talking to the host (even when configured), the host needs to be sending data.

And this is when ‘Multicast Inputs’ and ‘Accept Inputs’ options are active on which device respectively? Which one (multicast inputs or accept inputs) is the one that is repeating the keypress?

I have both on, on both devices. Sounds like this is my problem. Perhaps some clarification on what those options do is needed. There is nothing on the help page for them.

Yes, the system is designed in a way that only one instance is multicasting inputs, and rest of the instances can optionally accept them. If all are multicasting inputs and accepting inputs it causes recursion.