Kit Car CanBus wired connection

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First of all I would like to compliment you on the amazing work you do!

Now my question

I am building a kit car based on a 1.6 ecoboost from a fiesta with 400bhp!

It is running a SCS Delta ECU that has canbus. I would like to use an android tablet and connect to the ECU via a USB interface. Is that possible?

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How many units will be involved in the exchange of vehicle data?
If there is only one EBU injection system, you can use the MCP2515 (Can-bus), install a 120 Ohm load resistor on it and connect it to the arduino via SPI, and then fill in the arduino test code using the git hub. If everything is in order with the exchange, you can get the data on the Can monitor without even setting up a description file. XML …
Half the deal will be done!!

Ah ok so not possible directly via the Seeed USB to can interface?

Yes just the ecu to connect to one tablet.

I am not entirely sure of its capabilities regarding an open multiplexing line.
Maybe he will do.
The thing is that in a working CAN circuit there should in any case be two parallel-connected resistors of 120 Ohms each, which gives a total circuit resistance of 60 Ohms.
MCP2515 CAN BUS module makes it possible to close the CAN circuit by installing a jumper (120 Ohm)
As for your ECU, I don’t know, but I guess, judging from the description on the site, if it is designed to be embedded in working architectures of multiplexing lines, then it may not have any terminating resistor loading the CAN L and CAN H outputs.
I hope I clearly explained)))
In any case, try what you see fit. I think that such, specific projects, can not do without pitfalls (in my experience) …
In any case, RealDash can work with CAN protocols - that’s for sure!

I believe the Seeedstudio CAN analyzer will work perfect on your case. Can you link the ECU CAN specification? If its not too long, I can make a XML for you.

Hi dev don’t really know how that works.

Delta GDI4 CAN Export.jpg

Here we go. I will make an XML for this.

Amazing thank you!!!

XML file is here: