KPro + Fuel Level

Hey guys

I’m using Realdash as a setup with KPro. I’m trying to figure out if RealDash has the option to read the fuel level input from an analog input from the Kpro.

This is the setup I plan on using. I wanted to check and see if this was something that could work before I went through with setting it all up.

This is my first post, I did search to see if there were any similar topics and couldn’t find any.

Thanks a ton ahead of time. Excited to have my dash setup and running in my car.

First, verify that you are receiving the analog input from K-Pro

  • Establish connection and go to ‘Settings->Application->Debug->Debug data view’
  • Inspect ECU values that you see the required analog input value and its correct.

If you do not receive the value, we are out of luck as Hondata has not responded to any of my requests for years. They clearly have no incentive to help with RealDash.

If you do receive the value, note the value name and map that value to fuel level:

  • Open ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’ and set the mapping of ‘Body->Fuel Level’ to get value from your analog input from K-Pro.

Thank you for the quick and detailed response.

I’ll document my journey with this process here to help anyone who may have the question in the future.

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