Landrover TD5 ECU

Hi There

Your dashboards are amazing and would like to get them working on a Landrover TD5 2002. The only issue is that landrover went with a non standard OBD. Its based on a ISO 14230 protocol , with a special security handshake for which i have the code for.

So how would i be able to launch your dashboard from Android or windows ? can i supply the inputs to the dashboard as i can read these from the ECU, i just need a beautiful UI :slight_smile:


Iā€™m not familiar with Land Rovers, but propably you can get the OBD2 connection working by adding your custom initialization to a OBD2 XML description file. See the default OBD2 XML files for a starting point here:

theheffman, if possible, let me know. I have one of the Land Rover TD5 cars