Laptop connected to MaxxECU not found

I tried connecting MaxxECU using USB port to the laptop, but when I entered Realdash it couldn’t find the MaxxECU that I connected to.

I went into the garage and selected MaxxECU to change the connection from Bluetooth to USB already.

I would like to know where I am going wrong or if it cannot connect through the USB port.

MaxxECU has somewhat non-standard USB connection. In RealDash, it does not work in any other platform than Android. And even on Android, there are lot of devices that just do not read the USB data from MaxxECU.

If you do not have Bluetooth option in your ECU, I recommend that you purchase a CAN adapter and use CAN connection instead. It is fast and reliable.

What CAN adapter do you recommend for me?

Any of the adapters listed here will work:

RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters

We use Seeedstudio and MeatPi adapters quite extensively. They have been fast and reliable. OBDLink OBD2 adapter also works quite well if only reading data from the ECU.