Large number

I have a number consisting of 5 bytes that add up. But Realdash doesn’t seem to understand such large numbers. Because I don’t get the right result. What should I do?

<value targetId="299" units="Km" offset="2" length="5" conversion="(B0*256*256*256*256+B1*256*256*256+B2*256*256<U+202C>+B3*256+B4)/409600"></value>

I calmly deduce four byte run. RealDash understands everything.

I have 5 bytes. The number in dec is approximately 44053905680

Unsigned int?
RealDash can up to 65,535 in my opinion this is without math

Try removing your conversion as it is not required when you tell RealDash to read 5 bytes from data and conversion is not doing anything than byte placements.

Tell me how to write correctly then, please

You don’t have to use the conversion it at all in this case, just remove it.

Try just

<value targetId="299" units="Km" offset="2" length="5" conversion="V/409600"></value>

Still, it seems odd that odometer uses 5 bytes, as it requires 8 bytes to store in memory, and 4 bytes can already display more than 4 billion kilometers. Are you sure you need to use 5 bytes? Maybe you can try to read 4 bytes and disregard the highest byte as you will likely never surpass the 4 billion kilometers hold in first 4 bytes.

this is how many bytes contain the data about kilometers, but there are still two decimal places