Launch App on Linux?

I’m building a RaspberryPi 4-based “head unit” and would like both RealDash and CarPlay. I can launch both RealDash and react-carplay under openbox, but that requires a keystroke to switch between them.

I was looking at creating a button with a “Launch App” action, but I’m not sure how to configure this. What’s the best way to get RealDash and another X app playing together on a single screen?

Launch App action on Linux issues command:


So if you can use terminal parameter to start a app, like:

$ react-carplay

The parameter in ‘Launch App’ action shoud be react-carplay

How does it work on Windows platform?

Provide a launch URI, full path to executable should work. Windows version uses LaunchUriAsync interface, more info here:

Launcher.LaunchUriAsync Method (Windows.System) - Windows UWP applications | Microsoft Learn

wow this doesn’t seem to be an easy process.
I could launch some settings/privacy screens but no success in executable file.

You cannot use this method to launch a URI in the local zone. For example, apps cannot use the file:/// protocol to access files on the local computer. Instead, you must use the Storage APIs to access files.