Launching third-party applications in the RealDash window

The idea is to display a third-party application without closing RealDash. This is somehow implemented on many virtual panels. For example, a dialing screen or a third-party navigation application. Inside

I agree, at this moment i try to run samsung sidesync to view my phone screen as an overlay to run google maps. Better would be to run google maps direct as an overlay from the tablet running android.

This works like an overlay, but we cannot make a mask and cannot control the functions of RealDash at this moment. I’m still for widgets. I don’t understand why widgets are possible in many applications, but not possible in RealDash?

Your right, for me i would like to see google maps running in realdash or better yet to run android auto as you say as a widget

In general, I am going to the same goal as you! I need offline maps from Google or it would be even cooler if RealDash launches third-party Navitel navigation in its own window with the ability to disguise itself as a design style …