Lenovo B6000/Android4.2.2 compatibility?

I’m facing Realdash to crash at startup on a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 with Android 4.2.2
Is there any solution to make it work on Android 4.2.2?

Unfortunately, the android update to 4.4.2 is not available anymore (over-the-Air and via PC).

Unfortunately Android 4.4 is the minimum requirement for RealDash. Many of the libraries we use no longer work on 4.2.

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On the app description on Google Play it’s written “Android 4.2 or later”
Maybe it could be corrected then?

This should bring your yoga up to android 10, its a custom rom.


Sure, will update the description.

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Thanks @xt660x for the idea of upgrading Android version from a computer.

I updated to 4.4.2 with the method bellow and it worked. Unfortunately, I can’t install Realdash on the device, when I accept the app authorizations a notification saying “ERROR no connexion” appears.

Could this be fixed?

Is upgrading to Android 10 the only solution?

Could you be more specific, when do you get the “ERROR no connection” message?

In Google Play store I choose Realdash and click install, then a message shows up asking for device authorization. When I click ok a pop notification appear and says “ERROR no connection”.

I’ve been able to install other apps…

I’m more thinking about buying a real racing dash because I spent too much time on trying to make Realdash work on an old device. Realdash as a nice potential because it can display exactly what we want to in an other hand it’s too difficult to setup.

No problem I understand. Fact is that RealDash requires more setup than a typical mobile app would, and its not for everyone.

I just bought an AIM MXS 1.2 dash so I can compare and give you a feel back.

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