Link ECU DI inputs display

Wanting to wire my boost and ALS switches to the unused radio switches using the latching feature on the ECU, however I’d like realdash to show If they’re on or off.
Currently testing with standard switches and can’t get it working.

They’re wired to DI 5 and DI 6,

However Realdash lists “LINK ECU: DI 5 speed” which reads 0 regardless of switch position

Also tried “Dashbox input 5”, “RD-One digital in 5” under ecu specific

Also tried PDSX-1 Master, slave and Input boxes.

I don’t even require it to say on and off even displaying a light would be sufficient.

Any ideas how to set this up ?

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Are you connected to your Link ECU via Serial or CAN?

Directly via the USB from the ecu without CAN

The inputs you are after are not in any other device inputs (Dashbox or PDSX etc). Its on one of the ECU Specific values which name begins with 'Link ECU: ’

I believe the data is in ‘LINK ECU: DI 5 speed’ and ‘LINK ECU: DI 6 speed’ inputs. Please note that you have to have the ‘Long Datastream’ enabled in order to receive these values.