Link G4x + Realdash Indicators

Did a quick search and could only find things on Gear indicators and things using oem cars so I was wondering if I can get a little guidance.

I’m currently using a link G4X and Realdash with the seedstudio adapter.

The last thing I need to do is set up indicator lights for when Cruise control is on and then another for when it is active. I’ve tried adding CAN Aux status/Freq/duty in the frames on the ECU side but it says I cannot do so in PCLink’s CAN setup menu. Because of this I thought of possibly using a virtual aux and sending it to Realdash.

With that said, I’m entirely unsure of what to do on the XML file side.

I included a link the my google drive folder, the XML file named Virtual Aux is the one I plan on using if anyone can please take a look at it.

The XML seems correct if you have configured the ECU CAN stream to have that data on frame 1004. Noticed though that you have update interval on your button outputs, that should not be necessary as those frames are sent when button is pressed, no need to update constantly (unless ECU is requiring constant update).

So I took a look at my settings and I noticed it said transmit user stream 5. So this means I need to create a frame in stream 5 yes? For whatever reason. After doing that, it looks like I can now put the status onto the can frame.
CAN channels.JPG
Can Streams.JPG
So since I am using CAN Aux1 and 2 for these indicators, my XML will change as shown circled in red?
When you refer to the update interval, it is the [writeInterval=“1000”] I highlighted in blue yes? If that’s true, that is probably the source of my issues with the buttons turning off randomly.

For the indicator lights, I do want a write interval correct? Specifically for the Cruise active light, to show when it’s changing throttle position during PID response.

Would this be added before or after the [endianass=“big”] in frame 4 title block?

writeInterval specifies if you want RealDash to write those CAN frames into CAN bus at constant intervals. If you are reading indicator statuses from your ECU, there is no need to use writeInterval at all.

Have you used the CAN monitor in RealDash to verify that you are getting the frames?

Ah understood.

I have not had the chance to check as the car has been down because of battery issues, All other frames were working though last I checked. I’ll be sure to update this post when I test it out

Realdash website indicates it doesn’t support g4x and realdash, are you saying it works for you?

G4X can be connected with CAN adapter:

RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters

As realdashdev has said, it works with the CAN analyzer.

The buttons work though occasionally shut off.

Unfortunately, I grew frustrated with trying to get the indicator to work and the buttons to stop turning themselves off so gave on that end and moved on with other areas of the car.

This has given me motivation to get back to it

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