Link G4X to Android via Type 2 Analyzer

Trying to get my setup working properly, have a G4X e36 plugin with a type 2 analyzer (the “isolated” aliexpress one) going to a cheap Android phone. The CAN connection is t-tapped into the CAN LAMBDA wiring via a ~10 ft long twisted pair.

More or less, I can’t get data to flow properly. The “connecting” message is always popping up in the corner, I’ve gotten the dash to light up once or twice right after hitting apply but only for about 5 seconds. Same with the monitor, I’ve seen frames before but it only lasts about 5 seconds and it’s not consistent (ie every time I plug in or power on). Using the link_ecu_short file from their forum, id 1000, 20 hz, mode Dash2PRO, and tried 500/1000 bit rate.

Please help :frowning:

Actually, I was in the impression that this “type 2” analyzer is no longer available from anywhere. Could you link the adapter shop page?

I got it back in February but am only now trying to get everything set up. Looks like the shop is still up though 22.31€ 26% OFF|Isoliert USB zu KÖNNEN KANN zu USB kompatibel mit Zhou Ligong USBCAN virtuelle serielle port USB zu KÖNNEN|Schaltschützer| - AliExpress

I did some tests on my “type 2” CAN adapter and connection seems stable for me. I don’t know what could be the problem. Maybe the adapter is faulty, it does happen with these Chinese adapters, or there is something that is not compatible with your Android device and this adapter.

Fair enough, I’ll try to get the windows drivers and see if I can get it to read on my laptop. If not, what adapters do you recommend these days? Still meatPi or seeed?

I bought the Seeedstudio one a few months ago and it works with Link G4X

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Did you get it directly from their site? I’m in the US and the cheapest shipping option says 30-50 business days :scream:

No I bought if from Farnell but you can found it on Amazon as well (but more expensive on Amazon)