Linux Serial/USB connection

Merry Christmas everyone,

I have installed Armbian Bookworm 23.11.1 on my Rock5b. The connection to RD should be established via Serial/USB.
RD is installed in version 2.3.4.
The vehicle only has ODBII, unfortunately many interesting data are not available there.

The analog vehicle data such as indicators / lighting / oil pressure / speed / temperatures etc should therefore be recorded via Teensy 3.5 and sent to Rock5b via USB (not via GPIO!).

  • What is the difference between RealDash_CAN.ino and RealDash_CAN_2way.ino?
  • Which type of connection should I select in RD in my case - connection via CAN or OBD?

After selecting Serial/USB (regardless of whether the connection is via CAN or OBD), 2 entries are displayed in RD:

  • /dev/ttyFIQ0

  • /dev/ttyS6
    The Rock5b has 4 USB ports (2 x black, 2 x blue).
    The first two are currently occupied by the keyboard and mouse.

  • which entry do I have to choose - and which USB port is that on the Rock5b?

XML import:

  • does the XML file have to be imported again after each change?


Those are two examples that use RealDash CAN protocol to communicate between device and RealDash. First one only sends data from device to RealDash, second one (two way) Sends data and is capable of receiving CAN frames from RealDash.

Its important to understand that those examples are not complete nor usable ‘as is’. They are just simple examples on how to get started with comms on RealDash CAN protocol.

The connection type for these examples is ‘CAN/LIN adapters->RealDash CAN’.

Impossible to say as port names are assigned by the OS then USB device is connected.