Linux version with GPIO on Odroid N2

Would you be wanting to help develop the linux version to be able to control the GPIO on an Odroid N2? I’ve got one that has RealDash working on it that I can help you get that working.

What is the difference compared to Raspi GPIO?

I’m not 100% sure, I know the OS is a different version of Linux over Raspbian. It does use a version of wiringpi like the Pi had. I believe that the pin outs for the Odroid is the same as the Raspi, it might be more on the software side of how it is different.

I will be working on raspi GPIO for next release, so I will check if we can use the same codebase for Odroid.

Something that I have seen is that on the armbian version of Linux for the Odroid N2, there is no /dev/gpiomem.

Do ‘standard’ GPIO Python libraries still work on that setup? I could change the GPIO implementation to use Python. It will be a lot slower to react, but could work well otherwise.

Yes the python GPIO libraries work on the odroid

Could you share here a small Python script that you have verified to work on Odroid?