List of readable OBD values


i had a little question…

how can I actually find out which obd values can be read out?
e.g. that one reads obd and is shown which values from the car are actually available :question:
…maybe also with indication of the PID’s

regards from Heidelberg :smiley:

There is a SAE standard list of PIDs, see

Unfortunately many vehicles do not follow the standard and instead use their own custom PIDs for many of these values. I’m not aware of any database that would list vehicle specific PIDs in any comprehensive manner. Users usually find those PIDs from other discussion forums and by experimenting with their vehicle.


my concern is whether RD can read out the obd interface and display which values have actually been read out…
I know that every car provides different values, only WHICH values does realdash read :unamused:
ideally, realdash reads the obd and shows in a list which life values are available and can be used, of course regardless of the calculated values, e.g.

You can customize the entire RealDash OBD2 protocol by writing your own XML file:

Also, you can use the OBD2 Monitor feature in connection settings to experiment what kind of a reply’s you get from your vehicle.

ok, i will try that…