Listen to the lifeline with can bus shield and send data to Rd

hello, it seems to be possible to read the arac data on a serial monitor with the arduino uno and the can bus shild plug-in with the 9600 serial connection.can I read the RD form of this connection?If it is readable, it is necessary to connect with which type of connection is required in the garage.thanks

Not 100% sure what you mean, but the serial protocol is usually in binary form and may be a bit difficult to interpret from Arduino serial monitor.

actually, I want to ask if I can connect the data received from the can line to the Realdash board like a can bus usb adapter with the duo of uno and can bus shield?source video link

i would like to connect with 9600 via realdash can and view the data with the realdash can monitor.if this is possible, I would like to confirm that I will receive the can bas shield.Thanks for your help

It is possible to read CAN bus with your CAN shield and send data over serial to RealDash using RealDash CAN protocol. See specs here:

thanks for the reply.But I have one last question;how do I need to configure the Xml file to see the stream on the realdash can monitor after the necessary connections? or can I use the XML file that is ready?

No need for XML if you just use the CAN Monitor to see the data.