Live data streaming


I want to sometimes stream my journeys to a server and look at the data later. Fuel consumption, route, speed, etc…

I have looked at the website:

I cannot find any documentation on this. Is this a supported feature yet?

Is it possible to upload the data to my own server? I can easily create my own API for the app to post data to.

Please let me know.


The LDS subscription service sends live data to a web page. This is primarily meant for hobbyist racers to be able to monitor the vehicle data from the pits while car is on race track.

We currently do not have a system that would allow to synchronize the log/trip files to a web service. But this is on our roadmap, hopefully sooner than later.

Is LDS currently operational? I paid for it through the Microsoft store, but it doesn’t appear to be functioning.

Just tested and seems to work ok for me. Maybe a temporary internet connection problem?

It’s possible I don’t have something set up right, but even the website looks like it’s not working. Logos don’t load, etc.

Since all of my values are custom based on my .xml file and stored in ECU specific, I’m not even sure how it knows what values to use. What am I missing?

The values that are sent to LDS are hard coded. Try to map one of the values to RD internal inputs, like RPM to see if you will receive that. You can also try to change the data source to ‘Simulation’ to see if values are going thru.

Ok. Simulation is a good test I didn’t think of. Thanks

is there any way that this can be edited, increased, or modified? the current goal would be to push about 12 values over the LDS interface.

4 tire pressures, 4 tire Temps, coolant temp, oil pressure, vehicle speed, and rpm

LDS is too limited for me, so I’m using a raspberry pi, a program called virtual here, an in car LTE modem, and realdash on my laptop in the pits. It’s a complicated setup, and a simpler option would be to buy an ASL Podium Connect.

If I have to put a Pi in the car, I’ve already got a semi-functional InfluxDB cloud pushing program from python. It’s a pretty hefty challenge to get the data efficiently over the network, and quite frankly the amount of knowledge you have to learn about dashboard configs makes it … a very big barrier to entry. RD has a solid framework it appears, i’ll just need more data I can push over LDS (even if it means a commercial account.)

If you find a better solution, let me know. Mine works, but it’s a bit clunky. I have GPS location, oil temp and pressure, coolant pressure, boost, rpm, speed, egts, etc.

Unfortunately current values are hard coded in web page side. We have in to works to move the LDS into My RealDash service completely and that could be a point to remove the hard coding. Cannot give any estimate when we can get into it though, as we are currently working on MRD community dashboards.