Local connectivity


So i’m using real dash and AC on the same machine using separate monitors. I cannot get AC to send real time data to realdash, realdash shows “connecting port 9996”

Things ive done already:
Read ALL forum posts relating to local AC connectivity :wink:
Ran the Ipconfig/debug work around for windows (in administrator mode)
Checked the AC ports in my firewall, all are open

Any suggestions?

Just a few weeks back I did test it and it was working on my setup. Although, I have got few messages about this not working. I will do some more tests soon.

Duh, I haven’t updated the Assetto Corsa setup for ages and after updating it RealDash no longer connects to Assetto Corsa UDP output. They must have updated something to break the old implementation. I will try to take a look, but AC developers are notorious of not giving proper information about these changes.