Login Troubles Windows Device Limit Reached

I came across a problem with Windows 11 today and I don’t know how to fix it.

I have RealDash running on 2 Windows devices. One is my Desktop Win10Pro the other is a mini PC running Win11 Pro. Desktop for development and the mini for application.

Today after updating the Win11 machine (been a long time) RealDash would not start from start up file during boot and from the desktop shortcut. Kept tell me the shortcut was invalid. Check the folder short cut pointed to. Exe was there. Would not even start from app list said permissions were wrong. Tried running as admin.

So in my limited wisdom I uninstalled app and any references to it I could find.
Reinstalled and restored purchase.

Worked fine starting from app list and allowed me to log in. So I decided to “PIN” it to the start menu so it would be near the top. Run it from there it opened like it had never been opened before with splash screen. Would not allow me to log in said "Device Count Limit Reached.

So go to My RealDash and delete Win11 machine which btw shows as a Win10 machine in the list. Now it will allow me to log in from start list but not from my app list. By now I am gray haired and going bald.

Why does it make a difference where on the machine I start RealDash from?

Haven’t even tried to created a desktop shortcut or even add it to my startup file.

Each installation creates an unique ID, as for OS security reasons we can’t use unique device identifier. That would be collecting user data and introduces a lot of management that we are not willing to take on.

One thing to try is to remove all devices from My RealDash. It is safe, as they will be recreated at each login from RD.

If I understand right, the problem is that RD behaves differently when started from Start Menu vs. Starting from quick access bar?