Looking for Tire Temp Gauge help

I have tire temp sensors that each record 16 temperature points across the tire, and put that on to CANbus. I’m looking for help with visualisation of that data. I have an idea of how I want it to look, but I’m looking for some pointers to figure the best way to do that. One way, that is really close to what I want, is to use a graph for each temp reading, which would mean 16 graphs per tire. The X axis would be time, but I don’t want the graph to move on the Y axis, only change color. Even when I make the graph have the smallest possible Y height (4) it still is too much and you can see the movement when I ran a simulator on the top 6 lines of 16. I also attached a photo of what I am wanting the end result to look like. I am also open to suggestions for a different way to visualize it.



Very interesting, this could be very helpful for racing.

Let me think about this. We would definitely need a new gauge type for this, and I need to think of how to make it multi purpose.

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Ok thank you! Not sure how much I can help, but let me know if you want any of the data. I’m going to work on a template in the meantime.

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I think I found a decent solution for this. As the Graph Gauge already has everything done for showing data history, I made new option to Graph Gauge called ‘Flatline’. This mode can be used to make the visualization of this type (RPM used in this screenshot):

With 16 sensors, you would need to add 16 of these next to each other, but result would be pretty good.

The Graph Gauge ‘Flatline’ option will be in next release of RealDash.

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You’re a legend. Thank you so much!

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