looking to learn about android head units

Android head units look very interesting as long as I am not misundestanding something :slight_smile:

Do those have native CAN bus on board? Can we access that CAN bus from java? does RealDash acccess CAN bus on AHU already? :slight_smile:

Also some come with 4G connectivity which would make an AHU a perfect dual role “dash” and “telemetry access point” off the shelf hardware?

That all assuming we have a healthy reference hardware unit. My very limited read about AHU gives some random brand fears, is there a good brand/model one can recommend?

Pretty much copy-paste of my https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/eli5-canbus-android-development.4448965/ question

To my knowledge, each manufacturer of Android Head units have their own internal implementation of CAN connection. I have contacted some of them but they are not willing to share their private APIs for 3rd party developers- well at least not for us.

ohhhh it’s not an official API :frowning: depressing