Losing connection with OBD-2

I have been using a usb connection from my 2000 Blazer (GM). I am using a automotive style Android in the dashboard. The Real dash connects with the OBD2 reader almost every time on startup. I am getting data on engine temp, ambient temp, tachometer., etc. I am getting vehicle speed from GPS. I lose connection to the OBD2 data intermittently. When the connection is lost I lose readings on all of the items described. Sometimes the connection is lost a few minutes after startup, I have seen it work for almost an hour. The tablet tries to re-establish the connection, but it is unable to do so. To get it to connect again, I have to turn off the engine and power down the table for a few minutes.

Any suggestions?

Send a debug log for analysis:


When I try to upload the log file I get a “Upload Failed” message

I can log into my.realdash.net account from the device so connectivity is not the problem.

Have you updated to 2.2.5? All previous versions fail with gallery uploads/downloads due to SSL certificate change.

I have been looking for instructions to update . I don’t see any update options under settings. Its a little embarrassing to ask, but how do I update?

I finally figured out one way to update would be to delete the app, and then re-install it. It looks like the old version I was working with was the source of all of my connection problems. Please disregard the uploaded debugging file I sent. Everything is working really well now.

Now I just have to figure out how to get the GM ECU specific Gear shift position pid to display PRNDL instead of nothing…