LR Wheel Speed on G4+

Hey there.

I have everything working great on my RealDash, except for the speed. When I have the laptop plugged in I have an LR Wheel Speed reading and the input for it is DI7, however there doesn’t appear to be anything after DI6 for the Link ecu. Is there some way around this that I have missed?

Also - Is there a way to show the ethanol content reading with RealDash with my flex sensor?


Unfortunately Link data stream only sends the DI3 to DI6, so DI7 is not available in its stream. Only way to fix this (what I can think of) is to re-wire your sensor to on DI3 to DI6.

If your flex sensor is wired to AN Volt1-11, you should get the raw sensor value into RealDash. Then you can make a new gauge and use Gauge Math to convert the sensor volts into the percentage.

Swapped the LR Wheel Speed Sensor pin with the AC Request pin on loom as you suggested and reconfigured ecu to suit new inputs and now RealDash shows speed after adjusting gauge math a bit to match it up with speedo/gps speed.

Thanks! Super happy now :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face: