M35 Stagea + EMU Black + Pi4 = Success

Morning all,

Just wanted to say thanks for having me, and to share my recent success.

Long time RealDash Android + ECUmaster logger user. Last week I decided to take it up a notch.

The M35 Stagea comes with a Japanese TV and RCA video input. So far the only real use of the screen in the UK is the reverse camera.

I now have a Pi4 running RealDash displaying all my ECU master data :partying_face:

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Nice integration, Looking good!


Thank you, im really pleased with the result. Been thinking of doing it for a while, glad I finally got round to it!

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This is awesome! Absolute newby here, I really want to integrate something like this into my stagea, including CarPlay? Located in Australia? Any suggestions on where to start?