Maintenance Interval

I am sending from car odometer data directly to odometer id.
This way I can always have an accurate mileage on any skin. without additional obstacles.
But I ran into the problem of the calculated value of the service interval, since in the application, apparently, it is calculated from the internal timer and is stored in the same way as the TRIP from the internal timers.
These timers should persist when exiting the application (because memory is not rubbery, I know you told me)
In short, my timers are updated to zero every time, since the exit from the application is not implemented and, in general, is not convenient for me.
Can I somehow get the service interval, which will count from the value of the odometer supplied to the input?
Or make a trigger for saving the service interval and TRIPmeter, so that I can tie it to the ignition!
I was able to organize the countdown using math, but the setup is missing:
You need to do the action: "Assign the current odometer value + the desired interval (in my case 15,000) for Dummy …
Can you add?

any advice?

As odo is a ‘moving target’ its not possible to make a trigger for odo + something. Use the existing service system and action to reset the service distance.

odo is a constant movement forward. I do not argue. that’s what I just need, by clicking on the button, to make a digital screenshot of the current value of odo, so to speak, and add a service interval to it. OK. do not want, your business.