Map issue on zoom in

Hi @realdashdev,

I have managed to connect the GPS adapted, and it seems to find my location correctly. However, the tiles are not there. I figured out that the location from GPS is correct after zooming out on the map. Attaching the video for your reference

Seems like you don’t have an internet connection active. There is no offline maps in RealDash. Map is cached for some time, but downloaded again later.

Yes, me is stupid. me needs to take a chill pill. Confirmed to be an internet issue. feel free to close this thread )

No problem. Just happy that I did not have to fix anything :smiley:

You just turn back! Take a look. What a way behind! How REALDASH has changed!
Many are nervous not a joke if you do not fix anything for a long time))

Hi Jani, on the same topic, can you enable more recents for map routes. Currently there are only 2 and I think there is space for 5.

In some of the earlier version of RD, I was able to zoom in quite a lot into the street level, now I am not able to. Have you changed something or should I change some map zoom in settings somewhere? Pls tell me where.


Map tiles come from the online service and level of detail changes due the network load, world political situation, or whatnots. We are very aware that map system is not perfect and would require some overhauling.

Main reason for us delaying that is money. Good map services are expensive. Our problem is that there is a lot (currently over 70000) active users, but only very small portion of that pay anything for the app.

Hi, in your Ver 2.2.4 changelog it says “Navigation recent items is now a list”. I still see only 2 recents in addresses and looks the same. And RD still crashes within 45-50 secs of trying to key in an address in “To” field.

Pls clarify what has changed?


May be you need to talk with different map provider such as Petal Map. They grow up very fast.

MapBox does offer downloading the tiles for offline use, or is it just that you don’t want to do that becuase larger changes in maps are needed?

Ideally there would be a strategy to get app store customers over to MRD, could the existing MRD solution be tweaked to allow premium extra cost options? Extra cost for Google Maps, Camera Support, other integrations etc.

We have pretty strong value proposition that with MRD subscription you will get everything RealDash has to offer. I don’t see any reasonable way around that.