Map location issue

Hello all,
I started using RealDash and so far everything is going well except for the map and my current location is not showing my current location, not even close, it is showing a location in another country, Google Map and other maps including the one that using MapBox the right location except for RealDash, I give it permissions, my phone is Xiaomi Mi 9t with Android 10.
is it a bug or I’m missing something?
Also, the canbus communication is using RealDash CanBus Protocol and I built an app that communicates with my electric scooter to get the data and transfer it to RealDash using a socket communication, do I have to send the current location too or it is based on the phone GPS?

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Hi, did you manage to solve this problem?

Yes I did, I forgot what was the solution, but I think I saw it in other topics, and it was an easy one from the device settings, sorry