Map Orientation

I was wondering if there was a setting so that instead of keeping the map north and changing the direction of the arrow, it keeps the arrow facing upward and rotating the map to your direction instead? Not like 3D as I’ve read that’s really not an option, still flat. Kind of like Grand Theft Auto style.

Sure. In edit mode:

  • Select the map gauge and tap ‘Look’n Feel’
  • Enable ‘Special->Map->Rotate to Heading’ option.

AWESOME! I dont know why I didnt think to check there. Thanks very much!

But why 3D is not an option?

Vector based maps are not implemented in RealDash. This is something that has been on todo list forever, but never found a proper timeslot for it.

Do you want me to help? This is the only weak point of the app, keeping in mind that the app is used to modernize the cars) happy to contribute

Sure! For this we need a C++ component that retrieves vector data from Open Street Maps and renders the result into a OpenGL texture using GLES2 (for compatibility with older devices) feature set. Component needs to build for Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS and Linux.

Vector data needs to be streamed from Internet/File system cache as many older devices have very limited memory. The streaming system must run on its own separate thread for UI to remain responsive. None of the threads should not utilize CPU core full 100% though.

Did you try glosm?

We did. It has too many dependencies to work on all required platforms and its license is complicated in case of using modified source code for commercial product.

Also, that project is last updated about 10 years ago, and I bet that there has been a lot of changes in OSM data since.