Hi I cannot remember how to use gps on the map…its been a while but i cant remember how to do this… I have the Map on screen. What steps i need to do? Triggers? nav buttons icons that can be used to start nav and end nav.

When you have map gauge, GPS is activated automatically and used to show the location. There is no need to activate the GPS separately.

Is the map gauge just a map, or is it possible to do navigation? Is it possible for the map to be Google Maps (with downloaded maps)?


Found it :slight_smile:

Bought the software - cheers :smiley:

Sorry very noob question - does this mean that the purchased software does allow navigation and not just a map.
If so what type or fields do you have to input data for the navigation- postcode [uk], house number, road, town/city, POI ?


Full version has the navigation feature. You can access it:

  1. Open top menu and press lower right corner ‘gear’ icon to access Quick Settings. Then press ‘Start Navigation’
  2. Enable voice commands, tap the screen to start voice recognition and say ‘Navigate to’ followed by your destination
  3. Create a button to your dashboard and link it to ‘Start Navigation’ action.

Many thanks for your clear answer - I don’t have the full version yet, so that’s my next step.