Math formula with CAN parameter

Hi guys.

Is it possible to create a text gauge in wich it will have a math formula that will have a parameter that is sent over can. For example : = (MAP) +(BAP). If its possible, how i should write those parameter in the formula. Thanks

My goal is to create a Manifold air density gauge like gale banks’s gauge

In Gauge math you can refer to other inputs by their ID. Problem here is that the BAP is probably a custom value and on those, the input ID is automatically generated and not available other than internally.

I don’t think there is any way around this at the moment. You could try to set your BAP value to some other pre-defined ECU input that is not used for anything else, then you could use gauge math to get the result you are after.

Hi thanks for your fast reply. Can you show how i should write the formula with ID inside please?

You can refer to input IDs in Gauge Math with ‘ID’, for example:


Would show current RPM + 1500.

Here is a list of known input IDs:


If i manage to set this math gauge. Is it possible to log it in real dash during à drag race for example. Thanks

Datalog files will not have these conversions as it is a gauge specifc conversion. You can use the XML files to make your own custom value with ‘conversion’ attribute, and select that new input to datalogging values. Naturally then you do not need to use gauge math, but instead link your gauge to this new input.

Hi I don’t understand your last reply. Is it possible to explain in other words please?
Is it possible to create a log file with realdash

Yes, open quick settings and tap ‘Start Datalogging’. You can configure what values will be included in datalog in ‘Settings->Application->Datalogging’.

Thanks i will give it a try!

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In my link ecu i cant write long enough math equations for what i want to do. Dont know if i can do that with real dash. Is it possible to send something over CAN and make an equation with it, take the result of this equation and put it in an other math gauge an so on.


Sure, RealDash offers two levels to do math on inputs:

  • On CAN XML you can use ‘conversion’ attribute to do math for the input
  • Each gauge has its own ‘Gauge Math’ option to do some additional, gauge specific math.

Thanks for the reply. But can i integrate a " math gauge result " to an other math gauge. Thanks

Possible, but is undocumented feature:

Any gauge can get its value directly from another gauge with custom [VALUESOURCE=GaugeName] tag. To enter this tag:

  • In edit mode, select gauge
  • Go to Look’n Feel->Special
  • Enter [VALUESOURCE=GaugeName] into the empty, non titled edit box at the bottom of the values.