MaxxECU CAN USB connection


Is the XML for the MaxxECU the same if I use the connection below

MaxxECU - Bluetooth or
Adapters (CAN/LIN) - CAN Analyzer (type 2) - SERIAL/USB

I currently have it connected via Bluetooth, but want to switch RealDash to using a USB - CAN Analyzer.


If you use CAN, the ‘Adapters (CAN/LIN) - CAN Analyzer (type 2) - SERIAL/USB’ is the only correct option. Remember to enable CAN output from MTune.

Thanks, I understand that. I was more interested that the data is the same between a direction connection the ECU via its onboard bluetooth or USB tuning cable vs over CAN.

Each connection type has different data stream. CAN output can be configured from MTune.