maxxecu failed to parse

hi realdashdev, am trying to conect a maxxecu mini to realdash app
am using a ELM327 mini obd2 bluetooth i wired it up to the max canH /canL to the adapter canh/canL. when i load the maxxecu_default_can.xml file i get error
"failed to parse file ’ maxxecu_default_can.xml’
any help would be welcome am at a lost , and am not sure how to connect to it via serial. am trying ti use the canbus so i can have the dash working at same time.


MaxxECU XML file is for CAN connection, not for OBD2. I recommend that you use CAN connection, or direct USB or Bluetooth connection with MaxxECU. No need to use slow OBD2 adapter with this super fast ECU.

Thanks for the reply RealdashDev, i was playing around with the elm 327 bluetooth past weekend i did get it to connect and read data over the obd2 bluetooth. but as you mention obd2 is way too slow and laggy , data unusable for dash display. So i bought a CAN analyzer got it today and was able to set it up and reading can data just now so yeaaah its mad fast now :smiley: . I use the app before with speeduino ecu and its really nice app man love it
again Thank you