Maxxecu street + RealDash + Lenovo M9 4G

Ok, so i bought this tablet to be my gauge cluster on my project car with maxxecu street and i cant get it to connect. I have tried 2 different otg cables and no help. Also i noticed that it does same thing with my Oneplus 9 Pro but not with my old Oneplus 7 Pro.
What can we do?
OP 9 Pro wont recognice at all
OP 7 Pro works just fine
Lenovo M9 4G (TB310XU) regognices the ecu but RealDash cant connect.
I have the adapter from motonet that has no cord (Hama) and i have another otg cable from tokmanni.

Yes, it seems like many newer Android devices do not connect to MaxxECU USB due the unusual connection parameters MaxxECU uses. Currently there is no workaround for this other than either using CAN connection or an older Android device.

As MaxxECU has very good CAN support, I’d recommend using a CAN connection instead on MaxxECU street which does not have Bluetooth option.

What kind of can-usb module to use that works 100% with newer tablets?
I dont want another paperweight :smiley:

All of the supported adapters. The USB connection problem is with MaxxECU Street only.

RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters