MBE 9A8 support

Hello there,

Is it possible to include this protocol to support the MBE 9A8 ?

I have done somethings as a custom definition but not all of them since i am not using all of the channels. It would be nice addition to your collection though.

CAN communication can be found in the EasiMap software or here:


Any updates ?

I’m not related with RealDash developer, but the document you atach is only a list of the channels availables, but for develop the communication with RealDash you need CAN ID adress and bit definition for each of those chanells. Otherwise the list is useless.

If you read the manual properly it includes the details you mentioned. Can ID is also shown in that photo, top left corner.

Also " Scalings for each selected parameter can be obtained by placing the equivalent parameter onto a
page in easimap, then Right Click on parameter and select the information field. Scaling and
resolution information is then available."

I have already done some channels but it would be nice to have something ready from the software team at realdash.

Here is more info about the CAN data stream:


Ooh my bad I didn’t see that table.