ME442 DBC in XML

Hi Together

I’m Working on a personal dash for my MX-5 with the ME442 ECU and Can-bus for the data communication.

From Motorsport Electronics i have the CAN-BUS DBC file, See the attachments. For the Forum i changed the DBC in a TXT-File.
For Realdash i need to change / convert this information to XML.
i read the XML guide. But i have all the information that i need in the DBC File?

I have the Frame ID, the Target ID, Units, length
But what are the Offset?

Can you help me or can you make a Sample for me with the Information from the DBC file?

Thank you and best regards
ME1_3.txt (3.14 KB)

You can try this DBC to RDXML tool:

Many Thanks.

So i attached the File, if another Person need the XML File for the ME442.
ME1_3.xml (7.49 KB)

Ok, looks good. In order to make this generated XML fully compatible with RealDash, you should replace known values into targetIds. For example:


replace by


See full list of targetIds here: