MeatPi CAN adapter megasquirt

i have a ms3 in my car and its connected to the cars can bus. Could i use something like the MeatPi CAN adapter directly in to the diag socket to receive the dash broadcasts from the ms3 over can. also could i add say a dbc to decode things the the abs and power steering broadcast like yaw sensor and steering angle readings (i know the addresses ect) and can decode these in savy can already. this seems like a good solution as i can power the can adaptor directly from the diag socket and then connect wirelessly to realdash

Sure, you can use any of the RealDash compatible CAN adapters:

RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters

Two main Megasquirt CAN outputs are already built-in into RealDash, so should be easy to get started.