my vehicle Is a C220D of 2017.
I want to connect the right and left signals, fuel level, door state,… to RealDash, but I can’t find the PID values.
Someone with a class C station wagon could give me the PID values for some test?

Will still take some research, but go here:

You might find what you need and a lot more if you dig.

Fair warning though, using OBD2 as connection method is probably not fast enough to read turn signals and other fast changing indicators. To make them work properly on dashboard you need to connect with CAN adapter. See supported CAN adapters here:

Thanks @realdashdev but my odb2 is bt 4.0 could help for the speed comunication?

Thanks @nemiro for example how can use fuel cons address?

FRAME ECM_A1 (0x030D)
I: EngCoolTemp, OFFSET 0 LEN 8 - Engine coolant temperature UNIT: ° C
I: IntkAirTemp, OFFSET 8 LEN 8 - Intake air temperature UNIT: ° C
I: EngOilTemp, OFFSET 16 LEN 8 - Engine oil temperature UNIT: ° C
I: EngOilLvl, OFFSET 24 LEN 8 - Engine oil level UNIT: mm
I: EngOilQual, OFFSET 32 LEN 8 - Engine oil quality
I: FuelCons, OFFSET 40 LEN 16 - Fuel consumption UNIT: µl / 250ms
I: AirPress_Outsd, OFFSET 56 LEN 8 - Outside air pressure UNIT: hPa

Not really. Bottleneck is the OBD2 ELM327 protocol which in essence is a value polling protocol. More values you request, slower the update on one particular value will be.

Thanks but how I use this file?
There are an import function in realdash?

No, not at all. However, the information is there to extract addresses and some data formats to build your .XML files.