Microsoft Store app in Windows

hello everyone, who can tell me why I can’t buy the Microsoft Store app in Windows.I can’t make a purchase in the Realdash app, I can’t make a purchase, try later

This is probably due your payment or personal information missing from Microsoft store. Go to the store and check your info there.

hello! I wrote to the support service and everything is fine with them, I bought the app from the Microsoft store for the payment test and the payment went through, but I can’t buy from your app through the Microsoft store when I click on Purchase from microsoft and the Purchase failed notification pops up. Please try again later

That’s odd. I do see recent purchases from Microsoft store, so I doubt that there is something generally wrong with the purchase flow. I will do some tests anyways.

Maybe you could consider My RealDash ( subscription instead? That will give you access to all versions (Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, OSX) and all premium content on same subscription.

Do you have any restrictions for Kazakhstan?

Nothing that I’m aware of.