Moates bluetooth Connection

Hi would it be possible to get Realdash to connect to Moates bluetooth module Which connects to Honda Obd1 Ecus with moates demonv2 (alternative to hondata) . Currently you can only connect through Tunerview App which Is nothing compared to this app.

We would need to know the protocol that adapter is speaking with the vehicle. I’m assuming its proprietary with the adapter manufacturer.

I emailed moates and it seems the protocol info is accessible. this is there reply :

There isn’t really a Bluetooth protocol. Bluetooth and USB share the same interface to the MCU on the Demon2. The Bluetooth interface is just a way to talk, which is why it has to run at the same speed as the USB side ( 921600 8N1 ).

With that said, the Demon protocol is hashed out in our main protocol document:\

One thing to note: the Demon is just a data aggregator. In most cases, you’re just going to be sending a ‘d’ command from whatever is on bluetooth to the Demon to get a datalogging packet. The magic happens in terms of the datalogging SETUP commands. Also please note, you’ll need to know the serial protocol that the ECU is speaking to get anywhere. CROME QD2, CROME QD3, Neptune, eCtune and HTS all have ever so slightly different serial protocols, which is why all of the Bluetooth logging apps tend to be specific to a given software.

Not sure if this is helpful. But thanks for looking mate…

I will take a look, but unfortunately the summer vacation period is about to start so this will go into around August.

Thanks. ive been looking up more and it seems the best option would be to use ISR V3 protocol, which is used on ectune and honda tuning suite chipped ecus. So i guess disregard the demonv2 stuff.
Here is all the isr v3 information

Hondash has recently added this protocol to there app, but is more just for the stats rather then a full on digital dash. No worries on checking it out mate. Thank you