Modded New Boss on the Block

Car…BMW 320d F30 LCI
Display… Lenovo Tab 8 HD
Connection…Vgate iCar Pro BT OBD2 dongle

I have modified the New Boss dash as shown in the attached pictures

First dash - New Boss normal mode
Second dash - Inspired by Audi virtual cockpit
Third dash - New Boss sport mode
Fourth dash - Inspired by BMW ID7/ID8 design

@realdashdev - pls see the actual BMW cluster pictures below.

Needle does not move in a circle. It moves along the border. Is it possible to get the RPM and Speed needles to move like that in RD?

Possible, yes. I know some RD users have duplicated that dash already. Don’t know details but I assume that it has been achieved with using multiple needles that hide/show in sync.

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