More documentation and perhaps a design tool

I’m loving RealDash so far, as it gives a lot of control, customization, and features. Great strides have been made to get any and all options of getting data into the dash possible. While many of the example files like the arduino/canbus examples are fairly easy to understand and figure out of how to get data into RealDash and to get it mapped to various data target IDs, one thing that I feel is lacking is documentation on the interface side of things with some examples. One example that I can think of while I was trying to do some things with an arduino was to turn on an output when the app was running. It seemed that I could go to Units & Values and say Arduino Digital 3 is set from app start. I was able to figure out if I did it as global trigger and actions I could get it to work from there. And even from there I had a hard time trying to figure out how to get it to not keep firing that trigger causing the screen to flash.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of trigger and actions are used for interactions with changing dash information and I’ve been digging into them to try and reverse engineer them, but it took me a bit of time to realize these were triggers just for the loaded dash file and different from the global triggers.

If we could get a bit more documentation on all of the options in triggers/actions and how to do some simple animations like making a selectable menu would be a great help.

I would also like to add if there could be some sort of design application that can be used to design a dashboard instead of designing it inside the app.

I wholeheartedly agree with you, but we have made a decision to concentrate all our limited resources for the development. Even though that this means that there are quite a lot of features that need to be digged out and experimented by RealDash users. Also, as you may have noticed, RealDash is very much a moving target. Any documentation we provide for Triggers and Actions will become obsolete faster than we would like.

I sincerely hope that at some point feature set stabilizes enough to give us an opportunity to concentrate on better documentation but it does not seem to be the case very soon.

As for the design; our premium dashboard designers use Adobe tools to layout the instrument clusters and then later compose it into RealDash. This is very much a personal preference what tools to use.

I was thinking more like an design application that you can drop some of the RealDash elements on a setup to get things looking right and working right, not necessarily the graphics.

I ask you to add the function of increasing the height of the text, now there is only an adjustment of the width of the text - which is very inconvenient in tasks with some screens and the Ultra Wide Hack function does not work to apply to the text


You can adjust width and height. The height of the gauge is height of the text and width of the gauge can optionally be used to rotate the text in text area.

You cannot (should not) edit dashboards when ultrawide haxxor is active. It will completely skew all the gauge placements.