More "extrawide" theme

Hi guys, I’m impressed by your app, I bought many themes and I did a review with a video guide for my Facebook group
We own custom Android cartablet with 10.25" screen
I ask you if you can have many themes created for this display format because many are only 16/9 and do not fit well, there remains a lot of space on the sides
Especially the one inspired by the new Mercedes mbux
Congratulations again
I’ll leave you the link of my videotutorial
Ciao dall’Italia !

Thank you for your video review, looks great!

Making more ultrawide dashboards is purely matter of resources, which is unfortunately quite limited on our company. This forces us to develop the dashboards to most common mobile device screens of 16:9-16:10. We would love to make ultrawide versions of all of them but right now its not possible.

Let me see if we can free some resources to update some of the most popular dashes like Benztown and New boss.