Motorbike gear indicator

I have a gear switch on a bike that just selects one of 5 outputs to earth as the gears change. I cant use the normal RealDash gear process using ratios etc.

Using GPIO is there anyway I can make a text gear indicator work?

Sure, if you can transmit the status of those 5 grounded inputs, just write the value accordingly.

wire 1 grounded, set Gear to 1
wire 2 grounded, set Gear to 2

Sorry, I’m a bit new to this. Could you please add a little more explanation? Where do I write the values?

I cannot help you with the hardware. Once you get that done and are able to read inputs into RealDash, I can help you to configure RealDash to show the gear correctly.

Sorry, should have made myself clearer.
I am using a speeduino. I think I can assign input channels as digital inputs and route those to the programmable outputs and get that info onto the serial output for the Realdash link? What do I do from there?
Really appreciate the help…

First, verify that you are getting the values to RealDash:

  • Connect to Speeduino with RealDash
  • Go to ‘Settings->Application->Debug->Debug Data View’
  • Inspect that you see the inputs changing with gears, probably the ‘auxin_gaugeX’ values.

Now, lets assume that your gears go to inputs like this:

  • auxin_gauge1 = Gear 1
  • auxin_gauge2 = Gear 2
  • auxin_gauge3 = Gear 3
  • auxin_gauge4 = Gear 4
  • auxin_gauge5 = Gear 5

Now here comes the tedious part. You need to create 5 Triggers and Actions to set the Gear when your auxin_gauge changes.

- Go to 'Settings->Application->2nd Page->Global Triggers & Actions'
- Make a new Trigger (left side). Name it Gear 1.
- Trigger condition: if auxin_gauge1 > 0.5
- Reset condition: if auxin_gauge1 < 0.5
- Actions: Add Action -> New Action
- Set the name 'Set Gear 1'
- Set Type: Set value. Select Input: 'Speeduino: Gear'. Set value: 1
- Tap Done & Done

Repeat the above for all gears you have.

Lastly, map the ‘Speeduino: Gear’ into Body ‘Electronics->Gear’:

  • Go to 'Settings->Units & Values->Input Mappingä
  • Tap Add and select ‘Body Electronics->Gear’ as target
  • Select ‘Speeduino: Gear’ as source.