Moving a dash from Windows to Android

Hi, I have a dash I worked on in Windows that I want to use in Android (The dash is premium, but I purchased it in both windows and android market places). The problem is, the dash doesn’t appear in my folder when I attempt to “export” > “load” it. I only see the files that were previously saved from the android device. Perhaps I’m saving the windows dash in the wrong folder. Any thoughts?

In Android, use the Load option and in popup use ‘Import’ option to import the file from Android file system to RealDash internal folder. From Android 10 onwards, RealDash is not able to access Android device public files without user interaction.

Thanks! My issue was with the strange Android and Google Files interfaces on this device. I was missing a hamburger button that allowed me to select a difference source to import files from. I think I’m good now. Thanks again.

Hi. I have a question too.
I purchased full version on android. Already have it on two devices. I purchased two premium dashboards, made some modifications and have them on all android devices.
Today I installed realdash on my laptop. I wanted to make some more modifications to my custom dashboards and it’s easier on a laptop. I uploaded my profile and my custom dashboards but it says: “this premium dashboard is not purchased for this user”. Also it seems that I do not have full version on windows.
Is there a way to synchronize it somehow with android, or do I have to buy full and premium on windows too in order to use it?

And I also have an issue on my phone. It doesn’t want to show any dashboards. I do to gallery and go unlocked, premium, free whatever and I can’t see anything. Just names but no pictures.


Yes, the premium dashboard purchased from Google does not work on Microsoft or Apple products. This is strictly forbidden on each store rules (cross selling). If we would give you free product on Windows when you have paid it to Google, Microsoft would kick us out of their store, and vice versa. I hope you understand that this is out of our hands.

You may want to consider making a purchase from My RealDash ( The subscription there gives you access to all full version features, all premium dashboards and offers unique features like file sync. One My RealDash subscription can also be used on all supported platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux).

Ok that makes sense. I didn’t really think about store policies :slight_smile:



I’ve saved my dashboard and exported it to my real dash, but I can’t import it on my Windows PC. It doesn’t have the option to import from my real dash.

Go to My RealDash and your dashboard and share it with yourself. It will then appear on Gallery ‘Community’ section.