MULTICAST connection

I am running Real Dash on Windows 10 and I see that multicast uses an IP and port for connection.
Is it possible to write a TCP or UDP program to connect to Real Dash to receive information?

I ask this so that i can access other programs on windows 10 (custom back up camera program for example)

Sure its possible. The Multicasting is a TCP stream of key-value pairs of:

int32 valueId
float value

Data is in little endian and float is of IEEE 754.

This is to get started. Its more complicated with string values, input commands etc. But just sending receiving values thats all you need.

To continue with this idea.
Is there an object within RealDash (image gauge, video gauge, image, etc) that can be updated from the multi cast connection?

I have a program running on my windows 10 box that i would like to show inside of Real Dash.
I wrote a program that takes screenshots of the process and sends the bitmap over tcp.
Is it possible for RealDash to accept this image and display it?

Currently no. We have image transfer over multicast in works to transfer album art between devices but that feature is way back in a backlog.

Any possibility that this can now happen?

Ability to share image data over Multicasting is in our todo list, but has been low priority. And as mentioned earlier, Multicasting by design is not well suitable for transmitting/receiving large files.

Thats ok. thank you for double checking on it

Jani, do you (or anyone that’s reading this) have a walkthrough on how to use multicast to make something happen from one RD instance to another RD instance?

I have tried to use the remote control example and nothing is changing on my RD instance.

When using remote controls, one instance must enable ‘Multicast Inputs’ option, and at least one another instance uses ‘Accept Inputs’ option.

The one that uses ‘Multicast Inputs’ option will send inputs over Multicasting to devices that has ‘Accept Inputs’ option enabled.

Yes, but how do the inputs line up,
Like if a button on one is to control the animation of the other?
Both RDs say connected, I think the inputs are lined up. One is set to send data and the other to receive, but when I check the “send and received bits” it never increments

You don’t need remote controls to use button to activate something on another.

  • Make a button that toggles one dummy variable.
  • Add that dummy variable to sent values
  • On another instance, activate the animation when dummy variable changes

Thank you very much , I was finally able to do it. I think it was value fighting that caused me so much grief , totally my mistake.

So I was able to output the values but I’m not understanding what I am seeing. Could you please explain it to me. The button is sending SetValue 5 on dummy 02.

Output on tcp is 5E-00-00-00-00-00-A0-40. I understand that dummy 02 is target id value 93 = hex is 5E, but I don’t understand how value 5 is A0-40

Also on the windows version is it possible to have multicast turn on at startup?

00-00-A0-40 is a 32bit floating point value. That is somewhere around 5 in decimal.

Multicasting will start on app boot if enabled from the settings.

Ok thank you.
On the windows version, multicast almost never turns on when rebooted. The settings are the same, but the multicast option is always turned off. I have to turn it on every time RD boots up.
Am I doing something wrong?

You have full version or MRD subscription active on Windows?

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Yes I have the single user subscription.

Ok, I will investigate if I can duplicate this problem on development.

I found the problem… I was shutting down without killing the process, so it was saving previous settings.

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I see that in the CAN xml, you can create your own target Name/ID.
Is this possible to create an empty target NAME/ID that i can tcp to? Instead of using the DUMMY #

Yes, it is possible. You do have to import that same XML to all instances in Multicast network though. Otherwise the receiving instances do not understand the incoming value.